AFSCME – Resolution of Support for the Solidarity Singalong

2013 Wisconsin AFSCME Council 40 PEOPLE Conference Convention
Resolution #7
Support for the Solidarity SingalongWHEREAS, since the Uprising of 2011 over the vicious anti-worker law known as Act 10, an ad hoc group of workers, activists, retirees, and others has gathered daily in the Wisconsin Capitol Rotunda to sing songs of resistance to Act 10 and other laws enacted by the extremist governor and the Tea Party-controlled state legislature; and

WHEREAS, the Solidarity Singalong has continued for more than two years and provides a daily visual and audible reminder to the Walker Administration that the people won’t give up resisting and speaking out against Walker’s unjust anti-worker, anti-union, anti-democratic, anti-woman and anti-environment policies; and

WHEREAS, this summer, Walker’s handlers implemented a rule that requires that groups of four or more individuals to obtain a permit for most events held in the Capitol and other state facilities, but in July, a federal judge issued a preliminary decision declaring that the Capitol permit policy is unconstitutional but only if gatherings consist of 20 or fewer people; and

WHEREAS, the permit requirement has not deterred the singers from participating in the event, and indeed has attracted hundreds more people to participate in the Singalong; and

WHEREAS, Capitol Police have been ordered to issue citations and lead ‘offenders’ away in handcuffs and causing injuries to some of those involved; and

WHEREAS, Department of Administration Secretary Mike Huebsch and Capitol Police Chief David Erwin are responsible for the permit rule and are being sued by some of the parties involved; and

WHEREAS, the Huebsch/Erwin policy has attracted national attention and has been widely criticized for creating a situation that could escalate and cause harm to participants, observers and others present;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the delegates to the AFSCME Wisconsin Council 40 PEOPLE Conference Convention assembled in Madison, Wisconsin, September 14, 2013 support the Wisconsin Solidary Singalong and our AFSCME members and staff who participate in free association and expression, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the delegates to the Wisconsin AFSCME PEOPLE Convention support the petition for the redress of grievances at the state capitol and recommends all of AFSCME join in support.

Respectfully submitted by
DJ Dixon AFSCME Local 60